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5.00/5.00 published 21/01/2021

"These guys do a wonderful job"

These guys do a wonderful job. The best experience I had so far

5.00/5.00 published 20/01/2021

"Thank you soo much "

very nice services provide Clifford Devlin Thank you soo much

5.00/5.00 published 19/01/2021

"I liked how simple it was to reserve service"

I liked how simple it was to reserve service. The maid arrived on time and got busy right away - she did a great job and I would definitely use this service again.

5.00/5.00 published 18/01/2021

" Good Customer Service."

Fast communication, Good Quality, Good Customer Service.

5.00/5.00 published 16/01/2021

"The team are very friendly"

The team are very friendly and hardworking .will use this again

5.00/5.00 published 15/01/2021

",highly recommended"

Work very well through out ,highly recommended.

5.00/5.00 published 14/01/2021

"Fantastic work done"

Fantastic work is done highly recommended for everyone else so happy with the work

5.00/5.00 published 13/01/2021

"Excellent finish "

Excellent finish and you wouldn’t know it wasn’t part of the original house the way the stairs flowed and materials all matched. Very tidy and courteous staff throughout thank you once again

Clifford Devlin

Clifford Devlin is a privately-owned, family run business that has been providing specialist services to the construction industry for over 50 years. Established in March 1962, the company now provides a portfolio of specialist services to support the construction and regeneration process. Our Services are organised into 3 Divisions: Demolition Asbestos Removal Building Clifford Devlin’s development has been characterised by steady, incremental growth, targeted investment in plant, equipment and human resources. The company has an experienced management team, skilled operational resources and we have built a well-deserved reputation for delivering innovation and value engineering to enhance the efficiency of the construction process. We work for all participants in the construction sector: we are commissioned directly by developers, regeneration agencies, Local Authorities and public sector organisations as well as indirectly via contractors and professional teams. The company operates nationally with activities coordinated from our Head Office in London and regional offices in Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow.

E3 london, United kingdom



020 7538 8721

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