Cleaning Tips to Make your Home Atractive

Posted on: 28/04/2020

As we know that every one of us is just focusing on the external beauty of ourselves, mental health, and it often hides the importance of the home cleaning and believes me this affects very much on our behaviors and lifestyle too.

Just take a few minutes and look around at your home. You can see boxes, pictures, books, old furniture, and ornaments. There are also some books which have been read by you many times and still they are on the shelf to cover your bookshelf.

Now today with the help of this blog, we are going to show you that how easily you can change your life or you can say the positive change just by decluttering your house and make it clean and tidy.

The psychology research proves that the clutter and messy home put an impact on your mood and behavior. So, by removing the things that don’t give any good feel or that are distracting us from anything we will face the well and amazing things happen in our lives.

If you are working from home then believe me this proves to be very beneficial for you. You can see the amazing increase in your daily productivity.

You can easily experience how your creativity comes out when you sit in a decluttered environment. A UK university research shows that if the more the objects are around you then there are more chances you can easily distract from your focus and your productivity level decreases.

So, the first thing to do when you plan to clean your home is to

Declutter your Home

First you have to declutter your rooms one by one. It’s also very good for you to start with the things you never touched for many years. Try to remove these things completely from your home or rooms.

The good strategy is to follow these three steps I am going to show you here



Throw Away

In the first step, you have to keep things very useful for you and you often use these things in your daily life.

The second step is to donate the things that are no more needed for you. You can donate these things to your friends or some other stores.

But if your things are not in good condition and you think that they are no longer needed for you or anyone else. Then it’s better to throw away these items and declutter your home or room space from these items that are throwing the bad impressions.

After doing all these three steps and declutter your home, you have to clean your rooms one by one, and the empty spaces in the room need to be very well dusted and scrubbed.

This is very important and very useful because you can’t clean your house if it is full of furniture, books, toys, clothes or all the messy things around you in the room.

Tips for cleaning your House

Remove the hairs of Pets with Gloves

This step is especially for the dog or cat lovers. You must have to use the pairs of rubber gloves to remove the hairs of your pets instead of using vacuum because it is very difficult to remove all the hairs with the help of a vacuum.

The rubber gloves are easy to remove the hairs because the hairs stuck with the sticky material of the gloves and easy for you to collect and throw them into the dustbin.

MicroWave Cleaning tips

Believe me this trick is very helpful for you because in this we show you how easily you can clean any accumulated food from the microwave.

So first of all you need a bowl filled with water and vinegar mixed in it and then place this bowl inside the microwave oven for three to four-minute on full power. This will soften the edges that are filled with the food inside the oven and then very easy for you to clean the appliances.

This is also a great way to disinfect your microwave oven and leave a good smell in it. You can also do the same process with your fridge. After cleaning your fridge then place a lemon inside the fridge, one half on each shelf. This will leave a nice and fresh odor in your fridge. You can also feel the scent whenever you open the door and also in the fruits placed inside the fridge.

We recommend you to take a complete survey of the items in your house and decide what to keep and what to throw away.

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