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Posted on: 29/04/2020

Nowadays there is a trend of fake news all around. Customers are facing very much trouble in identifying what to choose and what to not. It is very difficult to trust because of the too much fake reviews all around.

The surveys show that this year there is approximately 21% of customers admitted that they don’t trust the consumer brands and it becomes very difficult for them to choose from the bucket.

We observe that there is a huge change in the buying behavior of the customers which shows that many people rely on the suggestions and recommendations of the peers and family members. That’s why the review systems are trending very much in the e-commerce market. Reviews sites become very popular for consumers to rely on and make their decisions.

Peoples are very much relying on social proofs. As we all know that this was an old strategy of marketing that is getting a boost in today’s era where peoples show their lack of trust in the institutions. This makes social proof as an effective strategy.

In today’s world, any comment on you, your brand on business will consider as the social proof. The social proof and reviews make any business profitable and used to win customers' loyalty.

Keep in mind that all the social proofs are not equal, the way business manages the reviews can create a serious impact on consumers.

Reviews in customers perspectives

1. Trusted social proof platform

As we know that the peoples are losing faith in all mediums of advertisements like print media, electronic medium. The political parties play an important role in making and defining the policies of the electronic media. So, it is very difficult to get trustworthy and transparent relevant information.

The good thing to know is that mostly 85% of the consumers check the online reviews before buying from the digital market or any ecommerce store or market. There are another 54% of the consumers who consider positive reviews in purchasing of anything from the store.

Reviews help customers in making the decisions and also the smart choices. Reviews are also very helpful in building trust between the customers and the businesses.

That’s the only reason, the

reviews websites are considered as the top trusted websites in United Kingdom and all over the world.

Social proof is getting very much popularity in decision making of all the cyber customers. About more than half of the consumers rely on the reviews in making decision while buying in UK and almost everywhere on the internet.

2. Transparent mediums are trusted by consumers

Social proof or the reviews are very popular among the consumers and became the necessary part of the customers buying behavior.

Almost every consumer who is well qualified and have any knowledge about the ecommerce market will prefer to choose a transparent medium of reviews.

An open reviews site allows the consumers to write the reviews as long as they want and there is no restriction on the content they write on the product and it is very difficult to delete that comment too.

This is the best way for any consumer and helps every consumer to make decisions because the businesses can’t delete the negative comment from the website.

3. Authenticity Vs perfection

No matter how beautifully you managed reviews on your website. For customer point of view the authenticity is much important than the perfection and the beauty of the reviews.

Many brands are guilty in showing only the good reviews on their websites as they are not using any transparent medium for the customer reviews.

Now day’s consumers are very intelligent and they research about the product before buying from any brand. Mostly the decision is made up of reviews. The average reviews whether they are good or not helps the customer in their buying behavior.

4. Censorship is not tolerable by the customers

As we know that no one support censorship now a day. 80% of the consumers believes that the censorship of their reviews is a very serious concern and approximately 60% of the consumers stop visiting the sites where they feel that their opinion is censored and on the hands of the owners and they can change or remove if they don’t like or if the review is against the company.

So, if you are looking for the transparent medium of reviews where you requested your customers to put reviews then believe me

CheckReviews is the best review site for you.

CheckReviews is trusted by th number of famous brands as well as the small businesses. It is very easy for you to register your business on the CheckReviews and it is totally free of cost too.

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