Best Ways to Generate More Reviews for Your Business

Posted on: 30/04/2020

Reviews work for you a lot if you are a business person and want to sell your products or services quickly. According to the surveys it is found that about 65% of the peoples who used to buy online products use reviews to make their decisions. And this number increases every year. The reason for increasing the number of peoples use reviews to buy something is because of social proof.

So, how can you or your company get more reviews? The best option is to connect or register your business with CheckReviews and get reviews from the customers about your products or services and evaluate yourself.

The other option is to follow up these ideas we are designed for you after the years and years of experience to get your business reviewed.

There are top ten creative ways from which you can grow your business reviews and be in the top list searches. All you need to do is to just work on these steps hardly and effectively.

Email Review Campaigns

Do you want a lot of reviews on your site? Of course, you want. So all you have to do is to set an email campaign that is aimed to get the customer reviews. You can set the automatic email campaign to ask your customers for a review. You also have the email addresses of the customers who purchased any offer or product from your site.

You just send them an email invitation and ask them to leave a review about their experience with your company. Keep in mind you cant force your customers to leave a good review. It’s up to the customer that what he or she wants to write about your business or service.

Another thing to remember is to not ask your customer for a direct review. Direct review mean that do not ask your customer for a review as they purchase something.

Give your customer some time to experience your product or service. The good time to ask for a review is between 60-70 days after they become your customers. Believe this is the great time to ask your customer for a review.


You can also attach the reviews form or details with your existing newsletters you sent to your customers. You can make a place for the reviews section for every newsletter or you can send the leave us a review on CheckReviews once in a month or two.

Sending and asking your customers to subscribe to your newsletter will help your customer up to date with your brand or business latest offers and packages and some new deals.

Email Signature

Email signature is very easy and very effective too. You can attach a review link to your email signature.

every time when you send an email to your customer. There is an automatic reminder attached with that email to ask them to leave a review. A good review can help your business get more customers. More customers mean more sales and ultimately more money.

Billing Invoices

If you are providing a service and you billed your product or service through monthly or annually invoices.

Then you can attach a review form with your billing invoices and ask your customer to leave a review. This is one of the good strategies many businesses adopted because the customer surely leave a review because he or she is going to pay monthly.

Training Sessions

Some businesses arrange seminars or dome kind of social groups, live training etc to collect the feedback at the end of the session.

This is a great way to evaluate the business reach and performance and also the customer’s behaviour about the company. Lately, you can manage some time and publish these reviews on your website. Publishing reviews or encouraging customer reviews help you to get more sales.

There are a lot more ways and techniques that we provide to you with the passage of time. To get rid of all these ways, you simply need to register your business with the CheckReviews. CheckReviews provide you with a service of sending email invitations and also manage and increase the traffic on your website.

It is very easy and simple to register your business with CheckReviews. You can read our blog on to easily register your business with CheckReviews for free.

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